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The Beverly Group, Los Angeles Real Estate Developer Investors, Multifamily Apartment Building Buyers, Apartment Cash Buyers, Commercial Real Estate Brokers
  • When Will I Receive an Offer?
    The Beverly Group typically provides an offer within 48 to 72 hours after assessing the property and reviewing the necessary paperwork. In some cases, an offer can even be made on the spot after a property assessment.
  • Can I Sell My Apartment Building Without a Realtor?
    Yes, you can sell your apartment building without a realtor by selling directly to The Beverly Group. This allows you to avoid realtor commissions and the lengthy listing process.
  • What is the Advantage of Selling to a Real Estate Investor?
    Selling to a real estate investor like The Beverly Group offers several advantages, including a quick sale, cash offers, no repairs or renovations required, and the ability to sell "as is" in any condition.
  • Can I Sell My Apartment Building "As Is" in Any Condition?
    Yes, real estate investors like The Beverly Group are willing to purchase apartment buildings in any condition. We have the expertise and resources to handle repairs and renovations, making the process hassle-free for you.
  • Are There Any Commissions or Fees?
    When selling directly to The Beverly Group there are typically no commissions or fees involved. The offer presented is the amount you will receive on the closing day.
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